Exploiting the capacities of the human body.

Blurring the lines between the theatrical and cinematic.

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Wes Anderson meets Hitchcock meets Spaghetti Western in this multi-award-winning, intercontinental, inter-genre, cinematic caper of accusations, accidents, and accents. Roger, a Frenchman in 1960's New York, has spent years following the same predictable routine, until a minor delay saves him from an explosion. Throwing his ordered world into chaos, Roger chases his would-be assassins around the globe. Raucously funny and endlessly inventive, this Lecoq-trained theatre company delights and stuns with live, original music and virtuosic acrobatics in this fast-paced, OFFIE-nominated whodunnit.

"This is physical theatre at its most immaculate - every tumble, mime and line delivered with precision - creating a widescreen world that the Jack Dome’s tiny stage can barely contain."

David Hepburn, The Scotsman

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"I can’t remember the last time I came out of the theatre wanting to book to see the same show again."

Dave B, Everything Theatre

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"'Leaving you breathless, captures your senses... ravishes your mind.'"

Anna Chiari, North West End UK

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"A High octane production that pushes boundaries to the limit."

Milan Gregory Perera, Bristol 24/7

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"See it before it sells out."

Paul Hegarty, Theatre Bubble

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"Unbridled enthusiasm."

Eddie Harrison, The List

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"The theatrical equivalent of a well-crafted Netflix thriller."

Alex Wood, WhatsOnStage

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"The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much is a delight from start to finish."

Greg Stewart, Theatre Weekly

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"Excellent and immersive, the audience finds itself drawn into this elaborate storytelling dance."

Ed Fortune, Starburst Magazine

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"Proves there are no limits to what can be portrayed on stage."


"Extremely clever, with the jabs at capitalism and satire complimenting the comic timing... a wonderful

example of polished stripped-down theatre."

Nellie Fratelli, Bristol 345

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"A new story, inventive and often surreal"


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"Impeccable timing and nuances. Physical, comic theatre at its best"


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"Just the right blend of dialogue and visual pyrotechnics"


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"it's a travel brochure pot -boiler romp New York; Paris; London - with deft
acrobatic flourishes and a winning visuallook…"

Daily Mail

" Voloz represents that flair, imagination, inventiveness and enjoyment that all great theatre should do.

When watching their work, one cannot help but be impressed by the company's ingenuity,

dedication and clever ideas that flow from every inch of the stage."
James Seager, Creative Director of Les Enfants Terribles

" The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much is a theatrical feast for the senses.

A highly inventive and cleverly cinematic experience."
Fiona Porritt, Creative Producer of Les Enfants Terribles

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30th April - 23rd May 2023





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Starburst Magazine

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The Scotsman



 This short film weaves juggling and object theater with magical realism in a fantastical physical comedy. Based on the 2019 theft of Maurizio Cattelan’s golden toilet (titled “America”) from Britain’s Blenheim Palace, this eccentric devised work probes the boundary between theater and cinema to imagine who could have stolen the lavish lavatory and why.



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