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The life sporadic of Jess Wildgoose 

A tragic comic psychological thriller

The creators of smash-hit The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much return with an electrifying new show. Martin Scorsese meets Wes Anderson meets Pixar in this nail-biting comic thriller.


Jess Wildgoose fights to make her name on Wall Street, but her dreams seem unreachable in this dizzying world of ambition, illusion, and high-risk equity trading - until an Earth-shattering discovery threatens to turn her world upside-down.


With virtuosic physicality and live music, this genre-defying cinematic adventure unnerves and astounds.

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About Voloz

Hailing from three different countries and brought together by two years of study at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Voloz is passionate about making theatre that is fast-paced, immediate, and visceral. Rather than engaging audiences' rational brains, we ignite audiences’ imaginations with a whirlwind of images and sounds, to tell stories that can be understood emotionally before they are understood intellectually. 

Voloz’s work doesn’t rely on intricate sets, sound, and lighting to tell a story, but instead utilises the body, voice, and object theatre to spark the imaginations of theatre aficionados and first-time theatre-goers alike. We have a uniquely non-hierarchical structure; all four members work collaboratively to write, direct, act, produce, and design our shows.

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